• Cierra Voelkl

What's Up With Charcoal?

Photo Credit: Home Alive Pets Blog

We all know charcoal is the biggest trend in health right now. It's in everything from ice cream cones to tooth paste. And NOW it's in our Metro Wipes™! Activated charcoal isn't just popular for it's black essence bit it actually has health benefits. But how does it help pets?

Charcoal on skin is extremely beneficial. Activated charcoal actually draws the bacteria, dirt, chemicals, poisons and other micro-particles up to the surface of the skin. Using wipes can then clean them from the skin. It leaves skin detoxified of all impurities.

The use of activated charcoal in pet products allows for a more natural wipe instead of the nasty chemicals that can cause drying of the skin or allergic reactions. When some dogs need a little wipe down every day, you want to ensure that you are using only the best possible thing for their fur and skin. By using a charcoal based wipe, you are ensuring just that.

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